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18 Oct 2021
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Dt: 19-Oct-2021
↑ Buy on Rising
at Rs.45.8
for the target of
Rs. 47.7 - 49.6
Stop Loss Rs.43.6
Dt: 19-Oct-2021
↑ Buy on Rising
at Rs.1465
for the target of
Rs. 1483 - 1500
Stop Loss Rs.1436

Technical Analysis

When to Trade

The keys to successful Trading or Investing in Stock Market are knowledge, discipline, and patience. Assuming that, you have some knowledge, the best way to achieve discipline and patience is doing your homework and having a plan of action ready before putting that plan to work. Though it may not guarantee success, but it will definitely increase the odds of winning in any financial market. When it comes to applying those technical principles, the most difficult part of the process is the actual purchase or sale in the trading. The final decision as when to trade, how to trade and how much to trade and the type of trading orders to imply.

Day Trading has also the same principles of any financial market. The only real difference is the timing as it covers the very short term. The time frame that concerns us here is measured in hours, minutes and seconds as opposed to days, weeks and months but the technical tools implied remains the same.

(i) Trading on break out from Patterns
(ii) Trading in overbought/ oversold zone
(iii) Trading at support and resistance level
(iv) Trading at breaking of trend lines
(v) Trading at the percentage replacement
(vi) Trading while making the use of gaps
(vii) Trading on negative and positive divergences

The most effective way to formulate a trading strategy is to combine all of them. After the initial decision to buy or sell has already been made the above concepts can be used to fine tune entry or exit points. Use of Stop Loss and applying of strict discipline will definitely help one become a successful trader.

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