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10 Aug 2020
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of the Day
Dt: 11-Aug-2020
↓ Sell on Falling
at Rs.393.4
for the target of
Rs. 371.4 - 349.5
Stop Loss Rs.424.4
Dt: 11-Aug-2020
↑ Buy on Rising
at Rs.122.8
for the target of
Rs. 124.3 - 125.8
Stop Loss Rs.120.7

Stocks in Downtrend

Stocks in Downtrend indicates currently some selling on this stocks happens, one should not go long on stocks in Downtrend.

‣ Best time to take position: After 10.30 am morning. Stock Tips are for Next Day Trading of Updated Date. Updated daily after 6.30pm when Share Market Closed.

Updated on: 10/08/2020

Trading Tips List, Stocks in Downtrend
Stock Tips Stock Symbol Stock Name
(Click for Details)
Stock Trend Stock Price Updated
at 6.30 pm
Sell BANDHANBNK Bandhan Bank Limited Downtrend↓ 302.10 View details
Sell MANAPPURAM Manappuram Finance Limited Downtrend↓ 159.05 View details
Sell FCONSUMER Future Consumer Limited Downtrend↓ 11.55 View details
Sell GOLDBEES Reliance ETF Gold BeES Downtrend↓ 48.39 View details
Sell ICICIGOLD ICICI Prudential Gold ETF Downtrend↓ 49.40 View details
Sell IFCI IFCI Limited Downtrend↓ 6.45 View details
Sell BATAINDIA Bata India Limited Downtrend↓ 1235.50 View details
Sell CAPLIPOINT Caplin Point Laboratories Limited Downtrend↓ 571.50 View details
Sell DEEPAKFERT Deepak Fertilizers And Petrochemicals Corporation Limited Downtrend↓ 148.65 View details
Sell SPENCERS Spencers Retail Limited Downtrend↓ 88.85 View details
Sell NOCIL NOCIL Limited Downtrend↓ 112.95 View details
Sell ABFRL Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited Downtrend↓ 119.00 View details
Sell CHAMBLFERT Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited Downtrend↓ 152.50 View details
Sell SIEMENS Siemens Limited Downtrend↓ 1131.00 View details
Sell DHANBANK Dhanlaxmi Bank Limited Downtrend↓ 12.10 View details
Sell NIITLTD NIIT Limited Downtrend↓ 97.35 View details
Sell ITDCEM ITD Cementation India Limited Downtrend↓ 43.85 View details
Sell CHENNPETRO Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited Downtrend↓ 82.45 View details
Sell INFIBEAM Infibeam Avenues Limited Downtrend↓ 73.50 View details
Sell TIINDIA Tube Investments of India Limited Downtrend↓ 535.70 View details
Sell BEPL Bhansali Engineering Polymers Limited Downtrend↓ 45.35 View details
Sell CESC CESC Limited Downtrend↓ 568.00 View details
Sell AEGISCHEM Aegis Logistics Limited Downtrend↓ 204.25 View details
Sell HINDMOTORS Hindustan Motors Limited Downtrend↓ 6.50 View details
Sell ONMOBILE OnMobile Global Limited Downtrend↓ 36.70 View details
Sell PRECAM Precision Camshafts Limited Downtrend↓ 33.30 View details
Sell FORCEMOT FORCE MOTORS LTD Downtrend↓ 937.00 View details
Sell BFUTILITIE BF Utilities Limited Downtrend↓ 243.40 View details
Sell EICHERMOT Eicher Motors Limited Downtrend↓ 21330.00 View details
Sell GNA GNA Axles Limited Downtrend↓ 207.50 View details
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