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28 Feb 2020
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Dt: 29-Feb-2020
↓ Sell on Falling
at Rs.111.2
for the target of
Rs. 109.9 - 108.6
Stop Loss Rs.113.6
Dt: 29-Feb-2020
↓ Sell on Falling
at Rs.77.5
for the target of
Rs. 76.1 - 74.7
Stop Loss Rs.79

‣ Best time to take position: After 10.30 am morning. Stock Tips are for Next Day Trading of Updated Date. Updated daily at 6.30pm after Share Market Closed.

Updated on: 27/02/2020

Trading Tips List, Short Sell Stock Tips
Stock Tips Stock Symbol Stock Name
(Click for Details)
Stock Trend Stock Price Updated
at 6.30 pm
Sell FDC FDC Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 240.20 View details
Sell GODFRYPHLP Godfrey Phillips India Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 1150.15 View details
Sell MOIL MOIL Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 128.55 View details
Sell COSMOFILMS Cosmo Films Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 327.50 View details
Sell TVTODAY TV Today Network Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 226.15 View details
Sell APTECHT Aptech Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 127.20 View details
Sell WESTLIFE Westlife Development Ltd Strong Downtrend↓ 462.80 View details
Sell SETCO Setco Automotive Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 9.10 View details
Sell APCOTEXIND Apcotex Industries Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 115.25 View details
Sell WALCHANNAG Walchandnagar Industries Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 54.85 View details
Sell BAYERCROP Bayer Cropscience Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 4319.50 View details
Sell MAWANASUG Mawana Sugars Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 37.45 View details
Sell VENKEYS Venkys India Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 1335.85 View details
Sell SWANENERGY Swan Energy Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 130.00 View details
Sell TVSELECT TVS Electronics Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 98.25 View details
Sell SKIPPER Skipper Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 35.90 View details
Sell AMRUTANJAN Amrutanjan Health Care Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 479.25 View details
Sell NACLIND NACL Industries Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 30.50 View details
Sell LINDEINDIA Linde India Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 698.00 View details
Sell ABAN Aban Offshore Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 21.60 View details
Sell FORCEMOT FORCE MOTORS LTD Strong Downtrend↓ 1147.50 View details
Sell ONMOBILE OnMobile Global Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 25.15 View details
Sell BANCOINDIA Banco Products (I) Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 89.00 View details
Sell GREENPLY Greenply Industries Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 129.15 View details
Sell INDIANHUME Indian Hume Pipe Company Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 192.50 View details
Sell PSPPROJECT PSP Projects Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 488.00 View details
Sell BHARATWIRE Bharat Wire Ropes Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 25.60 View details
Sell SMLISUZU SML Isuzu Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 526.00 View details
Sell LUMAXTECH Lumax Auto Technologies Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 98.50 View details
Sell MURUDCERA Murudeshwar Ceramics Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 15.30 View details
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