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11 Apr 2021
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Dt: 12-Apr-2021
↓ Sell on Falling
at Rs.311.3
for the target of
Rs. 308.7 - 306
Stop Loss Rs.315.8
Dt: 12-Apr-2021
↓ Sell on Falling
at Rs.4904
for the target of
Rs. 4857 - 4810
Stop Loss Rs.4979

‣ Best time to take position: After 10.30 am morning. Stock Tips are for Next Day Trading of Updated Date. Updated daily after 6.30pm when Share Market Closed.

Updated on: 09/04/2021

Trading Tips List, Short Sell Stock Tips
Stock Tips Stock Symbol Stock Name
(Click for Details)
Stock Trend Stock Price Updated
at 6.30 pm
Sell KRIDHANINF Kridhan Infra Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 3.80 View details
Sell IGPL IG Petrochemicals Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 460.00 View details
Sell BASML Bannari Amman Spinning Mills Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 67.00 View details
Sell KAMATHOTEL Kamat Hotels (I) Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 30.05 View details
Sell GOKUL Gokul Refoils and Solvent Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 19.25 View details
Sell IIFLWAM Iifl Wealth Management Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 1250.00 View details
Sell INSPIRISYS Inspirisys Solutions Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 45.00 View details
Sell SMSLIFE SMS Lifesciences India Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 593.90 View details
Sell AUTOIND Autoline Industries Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 39.00 View details
Sell RAJRATAN Rajratan Global Wire Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 799.00 View details
Sell WORTH Worth Peripherals Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 50.10 View details
Sell KAUSHALYA Kaushalya Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 1.55 View details
Sell ALLSEC Allsec Technologies Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 322.20 View details
Sell IITL Industrial Investment Trust Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 56.00 View details
Sell WILLAMAGOR Williamson Magor & Company Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 18.80 View details
Sell ORIENTLTD Orient Press Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 84.70 View details
Sell MGEL Mangalam Global Enterprise Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 46.00 View details
Sell GROBTEA The Grob Tea Company Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 822.00 View details
Sell ZODJRDMKJ Zodiac JRD- MKJ Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 25.05 View details
Sell GENCON GENCON Strong Downtrend↓ 46.65 View details
Sell NBIFIN N. B. I. Industrial Finance Company Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 1749.35 View details
Sell NDGL Naga Dhunseri Group Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 732.00 View details
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