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12 Dec 2019
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of the Day
Dt: 13-Dec-2019
↓ Sell on Falling
at Rs.695
for the target of
Rs. 687 - 679
Stop Loss Rs.711
Dt: 13-Dec-2019
↑ Buy on Rising
at Rs.144.6
for the target of
Rs. 146.9 - 149.1
Stop Loss Rs.140.7

‣ Best time to take position: After 11.00 am morning. Stock Tips are for Next Day Trading of Updated Date. Updated daily at 6.30pm after Share Market Closed.

Updated on: 12/12/2019

Trading Tips List, Intraday Tips
Stock Tips Stock Symbol Stock Name
(Click for Details)
Stock Trend Stock Price Updated
at 6.30 pm
Sell NDGL Naga Dhunseri Group Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 559.00 View details
Neutral AXISGOLD Axis Mutual Fund - Axis Gold ETF Neutral Downtrend↨ 3311.00 View details
Buy IDFNIFTYET IDFC Mutual Fund - IDFC Nifty ETF Bullish↑ 122.00 View details
Buy PRECOT Precot Meridian Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 26.25 View details
Neutral HBSL HB Stockholdings Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 6.80 View details
Sell IITL Industrial Investment Trust Limited Bearish↓ 57.05 View details
Neutral JPOLYINVST Jindal Poly Investment and Finance Company Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 12.65 View details
Buy SETF10GILT SBI Mutual Fund - SBI-ETF 10 YEAR GILT Uptrend↑ 189.40 View details
Neutral AXISNIFTY Axis Mutual Fund - AXIS NIFTY ETF Neutral Uptrend↨ 1238.63 View details
Neutral LICNFNHGP LIC MF - LIC MF ETF - Nifty 100 Neutral Uptrend↨ 128.00 View details
Neutral GKWLIMITED GKW Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 700.00 View details
Sell WELINV Welspun Investments and Commercials Limited Downtrend↓ 161.15 View details
Neutral IDBIGOLD IDBI Mutual Fund - IDBI Gold Exchange Traded Fund Neutral Downtrend↨ 3500.00 View details
Buy PODDARHOUS Poddar Housing and Development Limited Bullish↑ 333.95 View details
Neutral EIMCOELECO Eimco Elecon (India) Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 295.55 View details
Buy INFRABEES Reliance ETF Infra BeES Uptrend↑ 335.00 View details
Sell UTISXN50 UTI S&P BSE Sensex Next 50 ETF Downtrend↓ 310.01 View details
Buy EQ30 Edelweiss ETF - Nifty 100 Quality 30 Uptrend↑ 333.99 View details
Neutral REVATHI Revathi Equipment Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 341.10 View details
Neutral NBIFIN N. B. I. Industrial Finance Company Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 1490.00 View details
Buy NETFNIF100 NETFNIF100 Uptrend↑ 124.45 View details
Neutral HNGSNGBEES Reliance ETF Hang Seng BeES Neutral Uptrend↨ 3170.00 View details
Buy BALAXI Balaxi Ventures Limited Bullish↑ 74.05 View details
Neutral IVZINGOLD Invesco India Gold Exchange Traded Fund Neutral Uptrend↨ 3450.00 View details
Sell TCIDEVELOP TCI Developers Limited Bearish↓ 351.60 View details
Buy ABSLBANETF ABSLBANETF Uptrend↑ 316.48 View details
Sell DBSTOCKBRO DB (International) Stock Brokers Limited Very Bearish↓ 7.75 View details
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