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10 Aug 2020
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Dt: 11-Aug-2020
↑ Buy on Rising
at Rs.122.8
for the target of
Rs. 124.3 - 125.8
Stop Loss Rs.120.7
Dt: 11-Aug-2020
↑ Buy on Rising
at Rs.51.3
for the target of
Rs. 51.7 - 52.2
Stop Loss Rs.50.5

‣ Best time to take position: After 10.30 am morning. Stock Tips are for Next Day Trading of Updated Date. Updated daily after 6.30pm when Share Market Closed.

Updated on: 10/08/2020

Trading Tips List, Intraday Tips
Stock Tips Stock Symbol Stock Name
(Click for Details)
Stock Trend Stock Price Updated
at 6.30 pm
Neutral PRECOT Precot Meridian Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 20.50 View details
Neutral NETFCONSUM NETFCONSUM Neutral Downtrend↨ 53.78 View details
Neutral SWELECTES Swelect Energy Systems Limited Neutral Uptrend↨ 104.45 View details
Neutral INDIANCARD Indian Card Clothing Company Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 92.85 View details
Sell AHLWEST Asian Hotels (West) Limited Bearish↓ 263.00 View details
Neutral KKCL Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 755.00 View details
Neutral ICICISENSX ICICI Prudential Sensex ETF Neutral Downtrend↨ 409.05 View details
Neutral SETF10GILT SBI Mutual Fund - SBI-ETF 10 YEAR GILT Neutral Downtrend↨ 205.00 View details
Neutral TOKYOPLAST Tokyo Plast International Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 60.15 View details
Buy PUNJABCHEM Punjab Chemicals & Crop Protection Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 449.50 View details
Buy BANARISUG Bannari Amman Sugars Limited Bullish↑ 1348.10 View details
Neutral AHLEAST Asian Hotels (East) Limited Neutral Uptrend↨ 141.70 View details
Buy KARMAENG Karma Energy Limited Bullish↑ 10.70 View details
Neutral SILINV SIL Investments Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 139.50 View details
Neutral SANDESH The Sandesh Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 481.00 View details
Neutral ICICI500 ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund - ICICI Prudential S&P BSE 500 ETF - NA Neutral Uptrend↨ 151.30 View details
Neutral HDFCNIFETF HDFC Mutual Fund - HDFC Nifty ETF Neutral Downtrend↨ 1181.05 View details
Buy FOSECOIND Foseco India Limited Uptrend↑ 1063.00 View details
Buy PNC Pritish Nandy Communications Limited Uptrend↑ 14.70 View details
Neutral REVATHI Revathi Equipment Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 392.00 View details
Neutral RANEENGINE Rane Engine Valve Limited Neutral Uptrend↨ 192.00 View details
Neutral KICL Kalyani Investment Company Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 1286.00 View details
Buy BALAXI Balaxi Ventures Limited Bullish↑ 330.50 View details
Buy TIRUPATIFL Tirupati Forge Limited Bullish↑ 30.20 View details
Sell 3PLAND 3P Land Holdings Limited Bearish↓ 7.25 View details
Neutral PILANIINVS Pilani Investment and Industries Corporation Limited Neutral Downtrend↨ 1504.85 View details
Buy SPCENET Spacenet Enterprises India Limited Very Bullish↑ 0.65 View details
Buy ARTEMISMED ARTEMISMED Uptrend↑ 173.65 View details
Sell PRADIP Pradip Overseas Limited Very Bearish↓ 0.60 View details
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