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27 Feb 2020
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Dt: 27-Feb-2020
↓ Sell on Falling
at Rs.77.2
for the target of
Rs. 76 - 74.5
Stop Loss Rs.79.2
Dt: 27-Feb-2020
↓ Sell on Falling
at Rs.371
for the target of
Rs. 365.4 - 359.8
Stop Loss Rs.378.1

‣ Best time to take position: After 10.30 am morning. Stock Tips are for Next Day Trading of Updated Date. Updated daily at 6.30pm after Share Market Closed.

Updated on: 26/02/2020

Trading Tips List, Stocks in Downtrend
Stock Tips Stock Symbol Stock Name
(Click for Details)
Stock Trend Stock Price Updated
at 6.30 pm
Sell CANTABIL Cantabil Retail India Limited Downtrend↓ 328.25 View details
Sell RAMKY Ramky Infrastructure Limited Downtrend↓ 28.85 View details
Sell KCPSUGIND KCP Sugar and Industries Corporation Limited Downtrend↓ 13.30 View details
Sell FORCEMOT FORCE MOTORS LTD Downtrend↓ 1182.10 View details
Sell GMMPFAUDLR GMM Pfaudler Limited Downtrend↓ 3180.00 View details
Sell VRLLOG VRL Logistics Limited Downtrend↓ 229.50 View details
Sell POWERMECH Power Mech Projects Limited Downtrend↓ 709.95 View details
Sell EIHOTEL EIH Limited Downtrend↓ 135.10 View details
Sell CAPACITE Capacite Infraprojects Limited Downtrend↓ 169.30 View details
Sell JAYBARMARU Jay Bharat Maruti Limited Downtrend↓ 217.10 View details
Sell ERIS Eris Lifesciences Limited Downtrend↓ 411.50 View details
Sell TATAINVEST Tata Investment Corporation Limited Downtrend↓ 906.00 View details
Sell OFSS Oracle Financial Services Software Limited Downtrend↓ 2732.50 View details
Sell ONMOBILE OnMobile Global Limited Downtrend↓ 25.95 View details
Sell TNPL Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Limited Downtrend↓ 162.90 View details
Sell BHAGYAPROP Bhagyanagar Properties Limited Downtrend↓ 23.50 View details
Sell APARINDS Apar Industries Limited Downtrend↓ 370.00 View details
Sell ZOTA Zota Health Care LImited Downtrend↓ 178.75 View details
Sell XCHANGING Xchanging Solutions Limited Downtrend↓ 49.70 View details
Sell JISLDVREQS Jain Irrigation Systems Limited Downtrend↓ 5.50 View details
Sell NRBBEARING NRB Bearing Limited Downtrend↓ 90.70 View details
Sell EXCELINDUS Excel Industries Limited Downtrend↓ 667.00 View details
Sell INDSWFTLAB Ind-Swift Laboratories Limited Downtrend↓ 19.90 View details
Sell SFL Sheela Foam Limited Downtrend↓ 1635.05 View details
Sell TVTODAY TV Today Network Limited Downtrend↓ 231.75 View details
Sell SYMPHONY Symphony Limited Downtrend↓ 1315.00 View details
Sell ASTRAZEN AstraZeneca Pharma India Limited Downtrend↓ 2669.90 View details
Sell CELEBRITY Celebrity Fashions Limited Downtrend↓ 5.15 View details
Sell UTTAMSTL Uttam Galva Steels Limited Downtrend↓ 6.00 View details
Sell HONAUT Honeywell Automation India Limited Downtrend↓ 33750.10 View details
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