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25 Jan 2020
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Dt: 27-Jan-2020
↑ Buy on Rising
at Rs.324.5
for the target of
Rs. 330.4 - 334.9
Stop Loss Rs.316.8
Dt: 27-Jan-2020
↑ Buy on Rising
at Rs.146.4
for the target of
Rs. 148.5 - 151.9
Stop Loss Rs.143.9

Bearish Stocks.

Bearish Stocks means traders are currently selling this stocks and stocks are showing Bearish Signals. Go short on Bearish Stocks in Negative Market.

‣ Best time to take position: After 10.30 am morning. Stock Tips are for Next Day Trading of Updated Date. Updated daily at 6.30pm after Share Market Closed.

Updated on: 24/01/2020

Trading Tips List, Bearish Stocks.
Stock Tips Stock Symbol Stock Name
(Click for Details)
Stock Trend Stock Price Updated
at 6.30 pm
Sell RPOWER Reliance Power Limited Bearish↓ 2.10 View details
Sell RELCAPITAL Reliance Capital Limited Bearish↓ 9.85 View details
Sell SIMPLEXINF Simplex Infrastructures Limited Bearish↓ 47.45 View details
Sell CDSL Central Depository Services (India) Limited Bearish↓ 267.80 View details
Sell PRESTIGE Prestige Estates Projects Limited Bearish↓ 381.00 View details
Sell VIKASECO Vikas EcoTech Limited Bearish↓ 2.70 View details
Sell AKSHOPTFBR Aksh Optifibre Limited Bearish↓ 8.70 View details
Sell ITDCEM ITD Cementation India Limited Bearish↓ 63.80 View details
Sell GAYAPROJ Gayatri Projects Limited Bearish↓ 69.95 View details
Sell MAWANASUG Mawana Sugars Limited Bearish↓ 42.20 View details
Sell SICAL Sical Logistics Limited Bearish↓ 13.15 View details
Sell MAGMA Magma Fincorp Limited Bearish↓ 64.10 View details
Sell INDOCO Indoco Remedies Limited Bearish↓ 223.60 View details
Sell SHRENIK Shrenik Limited Bearish↓ 36.75 View details
Sell DBCORP D.B.Corp Limited Bearish↓ 141.85 View details
Sell VIKASMCORP Vikas Multicorp Limited Bearish↓ 2.45 View details
Sell JMTAUTOLTD JMT Auto Limited Bearish↓ 1.25 View details
Sell APARINDS Apar Industries Limited Bearish↓ 409.00 View details
Sell PHOENIXLTD The Phoenix Mills Limited Bearish↓ 848.00 View details
Sell TALWGYM Talwalkars Healthclubs Limited Bearish↓ 2.65 View details
Sell PGEL PG Electroplast Limited Bearish↓ 70.90 View details
Sell PARACABLES Paramount Communications Limited Bearish↓ 8.60 View details
Sell ROHLTD Royal Orchid Hotels Limited Bearish↓ 78.60 View details
Sell NITCO Nitco Limited Bearish↓ 30.75 View details
Sell SHARDACROP Sharda Cropchem Limited Bearish↓ 257.95 View details
Sell ORIENTREF Orient Refractories Limited Bearish↓ 240.00 View details
Sell INDSWFTLAB Ind-Swift Laboratories Limited Bearish↓ 23.85 View details
Sell ESTER Ester Industries Limited Bearish↓ 40.20 View details
Sell MANAKSTEEL Manaksia Steels Limited Bearish↓ 12.50 View details
Sell BURNPUR Burnpur Cement Limited Bearish↓ 1.20 View details
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