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Stock Market Tips
of the Day

Dt: 07-03-12

at current rate
for the target of
Rs. 600 - 610
Stop Loss Rs.587.8

Dt: 07-03-12

at current rate
for the target of
Rs. 557 - 568
Stop Loss Rs.543.4



Buy Stock Tips

Stock tips with Buy Signal, this stock tips are based on stocks showing strong buy signal. You can use Buy Stock Tips if your nature is to go long position, be careful and check current trend of stock market. If stock market is in red think twice before using Buy Stock Tips.

Stock Tips are for Next Day Trading of Updated Date. All Stock Tips are updated daily at 6.30pm after Share Market Closed.

Stock Tips Stock Symbol Stock Name
( click for details )
Stock Trend Stock Price Updated 23/02/2017
at 6.30 pm
Buy HINDPETRO HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORP Strong Uptrend ↑ 571.00 View Details
Buy APOLLOTYRE APOLLO TYRES LTD Strong Uptrend ↑ 184.45 View Details
Buy J&KBANK J & K BANK LTD. Strong Uptrend ↑ 77.35 View Details
Buy TCS TATA CONSULTANCY SERV LT Strong Uptrend ↑ 2481.80 View Details
Buy VENKEYS Strong Uptrend ↑ 868.15 View Details
Buy LYCOS Strong Uptrend ↑ 7.50 View Details
Buy KMSUGAR Strong Uptrend ↑ 29.60 View Details
Buy ITDCEM ITD CEMENTATION INDIA LTD Strong Uptrend ↑ 153.95 View Details
Buy NITESHEST Strong Uptrend ↑ 8.05 View Details
Buy BAJAJFINSV BAJAJ FINSERV LTD. Strong Uptrend ↑ 3847.20 View Details
Buy ENDURANCE Strong Uptrend ↑ 690.85 View Details
Buy RAMCOSYS RAMCO SYSTEMS LTD. Strong Uptrend ↑ 374.20 View Details
Buy JINDWORLD Strong Uptrend ↑ 271.45 View Details
Buy MANGLMCEM MANGALAM CEMENT LTD Strong Uptrend ↑ 300.50 View Details
Buy KELLTONTEC Strong Uptrend ↑ 145.10 View Details
Buy UNIPLY UNIPLY INDUSTRIES LIMITED Strong Uptrend ↑ 302.25 View Details
Buy SUNDARMFIN SUNDARAM FINANCE LTD Strong Uptrend ↑ 1410.75 View Details
Buy EASUNREYRL EASUN REYROLLE LTD Strong Uptrend ↑ 25.75 View Details
Buy CONSOFINVT CONSO. FIN. & HOLD. LTD. Strong Uptrend ↑ 55.00 View Details
Buy ALKEM Strong Uptrend ↑ 2076.85 View Details
Buy MAHASTEEL Strong Uptrend ↑ 142.35 View Details
Buy GOCLCORP Strong Uptrend ↑ 346.95 View Details
Buy SMLISUZU Strong Uptrend ↑ 1248.15 View Details
Buy ASTRAL ASTRAL POLY TECH LTD Strong Uptrend ↑ 448.95 View Details
Buy MRF MRF LTD Strong Uptrend ↑ 51499.05 View Details
Buy GULFOILLUB Strong Uptrend ↑ 739.50 View Details
Buy SHYAMTEL SHYAM TELECOM LIMITED Strong Uptrend ↑ 32.60 View Details
Buy LUMAXIND Strong Uptrend ↑ 1234.35 View Details
Buy GARWALLROP GARWARE-WALL ROPES LTD Strong Uptrend ↑ 665.60 View Details
Buy HILTON HILTON METAL FORGING LTD Strong Uptrend ↑ 18.65 View Details

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